I love sharing the strategies and methods that I’ve developed and inherited from the French and American traditions of flute playing. Students will find that in our lessons we work on mutual discovery and customizing our approach to the student’s unique musical interests and abilities. Enjoying an emerging career as a classical flutist and improvising chamber musician, I can offer students insights on how to be the strongest flutist they can be and apply it to the musical genre that speaks to them most.
I speak fluent English and French and have some proficiency in Spanish. See CV for more details on my experienceI love sharing.

Teaching Specialties

-Fundamentals of tone production, posture, finger work.

-Introduction to the flute for young audiences.

-Sight reading strategy.

-How to learn a new piece, formal analysis, practice methods and memorization method.

-Ensemble rehearsal solo preparation, markups, score study etc.

-Orchestral audition preparation from A to Z.

-Improvisation on the flute (free improvisation, chord changes).

-Piccolo and low flutes (alto and bass).

-Concert curation, PR

Performing with experimental no-wave ensemble Atlantic Extraction at the Jazz Gallery in NYC.


“Louna Dekker-Vargas is a remarkable person and musician with a deep commitment to fusing her musical talents with her passion for social justice. While at Peabody, she was involved in many community arts projects and was an accomplished leader and inspiration to her peers. Her programs were wonderfully creative and absolutely perfect for the children.”

Maria Lambros
Chamber Music Faculty- The Peabody Conservatory
Founding Executive Director- Our Joyful Noise Baltimore and Azure Family Concerts

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Louna Dekker-Vargas since 2014, as a student, performer, collaborator, and educator. Most recently, I hired Louna to speak to students in my Exploring Arts Careers course for first-year undergraduates in music and dance. As a teacher, she is organized, flexible, authentic, and engaging. Perhaps most importantly, she is a true teaching artist, genuinely and equally invested in her own art-making and in the art of teaching.”

Dr. Judah Adashi
Music Composition & Community Engagement Faculty
Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University

“She possesses all the skills that a modern educator should have. She enjoys children and brings wonderful excitement to their music experience. She creates relevant programs that tap into audience interest, and incorporates movement and other modalities into her performance and lessons. I believe that, if given the opportunity, Louna could transform that creative musical world we all live in.”

Maite Lorente Rial
Youth Services Director at Sitka Public Library, Sitka, AK
Awarded Top 10 Instructor in the Lessons.com community.