2022 France

Performance of Syrinx by Claude Debussy at the Grand Amphithéatre de la Sorbonne, Paris.
An article on the event can be viewed here.

Les Folies d’Espagne (theme and variations) by Marin Marais. Recorded live from NYC on June 4th, 2020.

2020 NYC

Terra Incognita, i. a trail, ii. a current. By Ledah Finck. Recorded by Trio Jinx at Heartwood studios in 2017.
Partita for solo flute in A Minor, by J.S. Bach. Recorded live from NYC on June 4th, 2020.
“In some very abstract ways, Dunston’s music also has echoes of Mary Halvorson’s Reverse Blue quartet, particularly with Dunston and Boegehold’s vibrant bass-drums pairing. Boegehold shares Tomas Fujiwara’s gift for an expressive ubiquity of rhythm. And Dunston, like Opsvik, effortlessly blends traditional genre motifs. Later, “Vicuña,” the centerpoint on which the album pivots, gives listeners a landing pad on which to breathe. Here, Dekker-Vargas plays a melody that, like a signal flare, marks a start and end to song proper. Her flute is playing throughout is phenomenal. Later, Yahalom plays a brightly toned solo, laid over a dramatic groove.”
–The Free Jazz Collective, Lee Rice Epstein reviewing our recent album, Live at Three’s.
Vim, by Sean William Calhoun. Commissioned by The Witches. Recorded by Edwin Huet at Peabody’s Gilman Hall.
Free Improvisation
Nick Dunston’s Atlantic Extraction debut album, released in November of 2019. Louna is featured as a flutist, singer and improviser with Atlantic Extraction. All music composed and led by Nick Dunston.

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