The Witches

Photo by Brandon Block Photography

Experimental chamber duo The Witches has developed a wide and vibrant language, creating sonic worlds that flex between microscopic and massive, sweet and ferocious. Using flutes, vocals, violin, and viola, Louna Dekker-Vargas and Ledah Finck perform their own works, commission young composers writing in a variety of styles, and improvise together in a dialogue that is instantly recognizable for combining playfulness and precision. Founded in 2015 as best friends who wanted to make music together but lacked a repertoire that spoke to them, The Witches have since then been speaking for themselves and creating a unique body of work, the goal of which is subvert traditional notions of femininity in music and celebrate the rough edges of performance as well as highly polished ones. For more information please visit www.witchtunes.com

Atlantic Extraction

Photo by: Gaya Feldheim Schorr

Louna plays and vocalizes as sidewoman in Nick Dunston’s band Atlantic Extraction. Atlantic Extraction brings together musicians with diverse and complex musical vocabularies, drawing from Free Jazz, No Wave, 20th Century Western Classical, and Appalachian folk. Its unique instrumentation fused with an improvisational core seeks to balance urgency with patience and familiarity with discomfort while maintaining a magnetic sound.