The first movement of Jacques Ibert’s Concerto for flute.
Accompanied by Hui Chuan Chen on piano.
Recorded in Gilman Hall, Peabody Institute.

(Le premier mouvement du Concerto pour flute, par Jacques Ibert
Accompagné par Hui Chuan Chen en piano, Peabody Institute).
Flute Sequenza per flauto solo, Luciano Berio. Recorded January 2019, NYC.
Enregistrée en Janvier 2019, NYC.
Nick Dunston’s Atlantic Extraction debut album, released in November of 2019. Louna is featured as a flutist, singer and improviser with Atlantic Extraction. All music composed and led by Nick Dunston.

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The Witches, Louna Dekker-Vargas & Ledah Finck. Photo Credit: Brandon Block